Children have positive relationships

Percentage of S2 and S4 pupils who report to have "three or more" close friends. Find out more about this indicator.

The percentage of S2 and S4 pupils reported having at least three close friends was 82 per cent in 2018. This was a slight increase from 2013 and 2015 (81 per cent), but lower than 2010 (85 per cent).

The percentage was slightly higher among

  • S4 pupils (84 per cent) than S2 pupils (80 per cent);

  • children from the least deprived areas (83 per cent) than those from the most deprived areas (80 per cent);

  • those who were not carers (83 per cent) than carers (79 per cent);

  • and those without a long term illness of disability (84 per cent) than those without such an illness (75 per cent).

This indicator can be broken down by gender, year group, Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation, carer status, parental status and disability. These breakdowns can be viewed on the Equality Evidence Finder.

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