Children's voices

Percentage of young people who feel adults take their views into account in decisions that affect their lives. Find out more about this indicator.

In 2019, 61% of males agreed, compared with 55% of females.  In terms of SIMD quintiles, those in the two most deprived quintiles were less likely to agree (55% in SIMD 1, 53% in SIMD 2) than those in the two least deprived quintiles (64% in SIMD 4, 60% in SIMD5). 54% of young people with a physical or mental health condition felt that adults took their views into account, compared with 62% of young people without a physical or mental health condition. There were no notable differences between urban and rural areas.

Breakdowns for this indicator are available by age, gender, school year, ethnicity, religion, long term illness or disability, urban/rural classification and Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation. These can be viewed on the Equality Evidence Finder.

Performance Improving

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