Natural Capital

Latest Update: 05 July 2023

The Natural Capital Asset Index (NCAI) monitors the quality and quantity of terrestrial habitats in Scotland, according to their potential to deliver ecosystem services now and into the future. It is a composite index, based (i.e. equal to 100) in the year 2000. 

Due to changes in the methodology of some of the underlying biodiversity data some historical headline values of the NCAI have changed slightly, although the general trends remain the same. Find out more about this indicator.

The NCAI was 102.7 in 2021 – unchanged from its 2020 value and 0.2 points higher than its 2018 value. It has remained relatively stable since detailed monitoring began in 2000.

NatureScot will continue to work with stakeholders, including the Scottish Government, to refine the NCAI methodology and data.

The trends by ecosystem service type (Provisioning, Regulation and Maintenance. and Cultural) largely mirror the trend shown by the overall Natural Capital Asset Index.

This indicator can be broken down by category and habitat. Breakdowns can be viewed on the Equality Evidence Finder.

Performance Maintaining

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