Quality of public services

Percentage of respondents who are fairly or very satisfied with the quality of local services (local health services, local schools and public transport). Find out more about this indicator.

The percentage of adults satisfied with local health services, local schools and public transport in 2019 was 52.6%, down from the level in 2007 of 57.1% (the first year these data were collected). Levels of satisfaction have decreased from a peak of 66.0% in 2011, but have remained stable in the last two years.

This indicator can be broken down by age, gender, ethnicity, disability, Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation and urban/rural classification. These breakdowns can be viewed on the Equality Evidence Finder.

Data for this indicator is available for 2020. However, please note that the 2020 results are not directly comparable to results for previous years, which is why the indicator shows "performance to be confirmed". Data for 2020, and further information can be viewed here.

Performance to be confirmed

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