On 18 December 2020, we published a report on how COVID-19 has affected progress towards Scotland’s National Outcomes.

The report brings together a range of evidence sources, as well as analysis and insight, to show the impact of COVID-19 across the National Outcomes to date and its potential future impacts. Understanding the breadth of impacts should aid a range of organisations and individuals who are considering how to reset progress towards the national outcomes in light of the pandemic.

Read Scotland's Wellbeing: The Impact of COVID-19


The COVID-19 pandemic is having an impact across Scotland, including on progress towards the National Outcomes.

The impact of COVID-19 is not yet reflected in many of the National Indicators, and may not be seen for some time. This is because of the nature of the National Indicators selected and the way the Scottish Government collects, processes and publishes the data that underpin the National Indicators.

The Scottish Government has published a range of data that is relevant to the National Outcomes as part of its reporting on the Four Harms of COVID-19.

We are exploring more timely sources of information on the impact of COVID-19 on the National Outcomes. We will consider the impact on Scotland as a whole. Where data permits, we will also consider the impact on particular groups within the Scottish population.

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