A national review to drive action

Published on 30 July, this report brings together evidence, actions and stories of how we are making progress to meet the SDGs in Scotland.

The review was a collaborative effort between the SDG Network Scotland, Scottish Government and COSLA.

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More than pounds and pence: A national framework for valuing Scotland’s land

The Scottish Land Commission has published guidance which places wellbeing at the heart of developing vacant or derelict land. In this post, Kathie Pollard, Policy Officer at the Commission, explains the thinking behind the guidance.

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My experience of having a ‘Youth Voice in a Sustainable Democracy’

Morven Sneddon, a sustainability consultant working in the engineering industry. has recently taken part in a Project Scotland and IDEAS project funded by Erasmus+ aimed at bringing the voices of young people to the heart of government. Morven has blogged for us about her experience of the project.

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Citizens' Assembly of Scotland

During the third weekend of the Assembly (17-19 January 2020), members focused on 'Sustainability' – exploring their priority statement:  “…the kind of Scotland we are seeking to build will be a sustainable country balancing environmental, economic and social impacts for the good of the country and its citizens”.

We prepared a briefing on the National Performance Framework and the Sustainable Development Goals to support the Assembly's deliberations.

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Why the National Performance Framework needs to be kinder to itself

The Carnegie UK Trust began its work on measuring wellbeing with a high-level Roundtable on ‘Measuring What Matters in Scotland’ in 2010. They have continued to be closely involved in the development of Scotland’s wellbeing approach over the subsequent decade. In September this year, the Trust asked us to pause and consider how Scotland could take forward our wellbeing approach over the next ten years – making some specific recommendations for the National Performance Framework.

In our latest blog post, Jennifer Wallace and Hannah Ormston from the Trust, expand on that work and elaborate on those seven ‘Next steps for the National Performance Framework’.

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Does the National Performance Framework mean anything to the third sector?

That’s the question a group of third sector organisations were answering at an event in June 2019. If the answer had been “no”, it would have been an embarrassingly short event!

But fortunately we had a productive discussion about the many ways the National Performance Framework (NPF) is relevant to the third sector. We also explored how to overcome barriers to third sector engagement with the NPF.

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