This indicator is a temporary measure.

Currently, this indicator reports jobs in the Creative Industries Sector.

Source of Data:

The source of the jobs data is the Business Register and Employment Survey, which is run by the Office for National Statistics.  Job estimates for the Creative Industries Growth Sector are published in the Scottish Government Growth Sector Statistics Database. 

Note that this is a temporary measure for People working in Arts and Culture.  Analytical work is required to define this indicator as there is not an internationally agreed definition for culture.  The intention is to explore a new methodology or source for Arts and Culture employment (rather than Creative Industries jobs) working with stakeholders.


“Jobs” includes employee jobs plus the number of working owners who receive drawings or a share of the profits but are not paid via PAYE.  However, the jobs estimates do not include those that are self-employed operating below the VAT threshold with no employees i.e. the smallest sole proprietors/partnerships. 

The Creative Industries sector here is defined as per the Growth Sector definition, which is built up from a range of Standard Industrial Classification 2007 codes, more information on the specific codes included is available on the Scottish Government website.

Criteria for Change:

The evaluation is based on:

  • any difference within +/- 1,000 jobs suggests that the position is more likely to be maintaining than showing any change.
  • An increase of 1,000 jobs or more suggests the position is improving;
  • a decrease 1,000 jobs or more suggests the position is worsening.

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