Scotland’s Wellbeing: Delivering the National Outcomes

1. Introduction

2. Evidence of progress towards the National Outcomes

3. Data and future developments

4. References

3. Data and future developments

Data on all of the national indicators in the NPF are updated as soon as new data becomes available and can be accessed at When indicators were chosen during the 2018 NPF refresh, they were chosen on the basis of what was right to measure, not what was easiest. This has led to innovative, collaborative methods for developing indicators for which no data is currently available to better capture aspects of wellbeing in Scotland. New indicators and updates will be published at

This report draws out a range of inequalities in outcome experienced by people related to protected characteristics, socio-economic disadvantage or place. A more comprehensive set of breakdowns, featuring all NPF indicators where robust breakdowns by demographic or geographic characteristics are available can be explored on the Equality Evidence Finder The Scottish Government is continually reviewing and expanding the range of breakdowns presented on the Equality Evidence Finder, so as complete a picture as possible on the realisation of the National Outcomes for different groups in Scotland is openly available for scrutiny. A report on outcomes from the perspective of one legally protected characteristic, that of disabled people, will be published by the Scottish Government in summer 2019.

In addition, it is important to recognise that while the NPF indicators are a key source of evidence on Scotland's wellbeing, they are not the only source. As in this report, it is important to supplement the perspective given by the national indicators with other forms of evidence, to provide greater depth of understanding to inform decision-making. Further evidence, drawing on international and other comparisons, may also be relevant. The NPF takes a different approach to many other countries and the feasibility of international comparisons on Scotland's performance will be assessed.

We welcome all feedback on this publication to shape future reporting on the NPF. You can email your feedback to or tweet us @ScotGovOutcomes.


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