This indicator measures the annual value of international exports (not including the rest of the UK or Oil and Gas exports) as published in Export Statistics Scotland. The figures are not adjusted for inflation.

Source of Data:

Export Statistics Scotland 2019

Export Statistics Scotland (ESS) is a National Statistics publication that produces estimates of Scotland’s international and rest of the UK exports.

The Global Connection Survey (GCS), which is sent to businesses each year by the Scottish Government plays a key role in estimating Scotland’s international exports published in this report and is the main source for estimates of exports from Scotland to the rest of the UK.  Data have been collected annually since 2002.

Further to the GCS, relevant estimates for businesses in Scotland are also sourced from the official and administrative sources produced by the Office for National Statistics, HMRC and other parts of the Scottish Government.

Further information on the ESS methodology is available at the link below:

About Export Statistics Scotland - (

Link to related pages: Scotland: a trading nation


International Exports are defined as direct sales to customers based outside the UK, including those to visitors to Scotland. Therefore, goods which are sold to elsewhere in the UK and subsequently exported will not be included in these figures. Figures are gross of indirect taxes, duties and levies (except VAT) invoiced to customers and exports of goods are on free on board basis (exclude overseas freight and insurance costs).

In accordance with National Accounting principles, the oil and gas sector are excluded from the analysis as this is not attributed to any one area of the UK - termed "extra-regio" activity.

Criteria for Change:

This evaluation is based on:

  • any difference within +/- 3% of last year's figure suggests that the position is more likely to be maintaining than showing any change.
  • a increase of 3% or more suggests the position is improving
  • a decrease of 3% or more suggests the position is worsening.
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