To achieve the National Outcomes, the National Performance Framework aims to get everyone in Scotland to work together. This includes:

  • national and local government
  • businesses
  • voluntary organisations
  • people living in Scotland

Tracking progress

The framework tracks Scotland’s progress in meeting its National Outcomes.

It uses data to understand how well Scotland is doing and help focus policies and resources to meet challenges.

Equalities information

The framework gives a detailed breakdown of equality data. This shows where people with protected characteristics are progressing and how they compare to other groups of people.

This will help to design policies and services that meet the needs of everyone in Scotland.

Public service reform

The National Performance Framework gives Scotland’s public services a common set of outcomes to work towards.

Public Service Reform challenges public services to work differently so that they can improve people’s lives and experiences by:

  • listening to the people who use public services
  • partnership working and collaboration
  • focusing on preventing problems before they start
  • doing things more efficiently


Part of this is encouraging better procurement practices. The National Performance Framework looks to help put in place ‘sustainable procurement’.

The law means that all public bodies must now think about how procurement will improve:

  • the economy
  • society
  • the environment

What different organisations will do

Scottish Government

The Scottish Government will focus activities and spending to help meet National Outcomes.

They will work with the wider public sector and others to help them work in a way that meets these outcomes.

Local government

Local government will work with the Scottish Government and other organisations in their community.

The Convention of Scottish Local Authorities (COSLA) is the national association of councils in Scotland. It is helping to work towards the National Outcomes.

COSLA will look to reform local public services. To do this it will work with:

  • local communities
  • the Scottish and UK governments
  • staff and trade unions
  • the Scottish and UK parliaments

Community Planning Partnerships

Community Planning Partnerships will bring together organisations in Scotland. They will then look to work on local improvement plans.


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