This indicator measures adults (aged 16+) average score on the Warwick-Edinburgh Mental Wellbeing Scale (WEMWBS).

Source of Data:

The data for this indicator comes from the Scottish Health Survey (SHeS).

SHeS provides a detailed picture of the health of the Scottish population in private households and SHeS data is published on the Scottish Government website, here Scottish Health Survey - (


WEMWBS was developed by researchers at the Universities of Warwick and Edinburgh, with funding provided by NHS Health Scotland, to enable the measurement of mental wellbeing of adults in the UK. It was adapted from a 40 item scale originally developed in New Zealand, the Affectometer. The WEMWBS scale comprises 14 positively worded statements with a five item scale ranging from ‘1 - None of the time’ to ‘5 - All of the time’. The lowest score possible is therefore 14 and the highest is 70. The 14 items are designed to assess positive affect (optimism, cheerfulness, relaxation); and satisfying interpersonal relationships and positive functioning (energy, clear thinking, self-acceptance, personal development, mastery and autonomy) . The scale was not designed to identify individuals with exceptionally high or low levels of positive mental health, so cut-off points have not been developed.

Criteria for Change:

This evaluation is based on: An annual change in the mean WEMWBS score which is significant at the 95% confidence limit.

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