This indicator measures the proportion of adults who live within a 5 minute walk of their local green or blue space.

Source of Data:

The figures for this indicator come from the Scottish Household Survey (SHS), which is a National Statistics product, produced by the Scottish Government. It is published in the Scottish Household Survey Annual Report, which can be found here. An interactive data explorer for the SHS can be found here.

The participants in the survey are asked how far the nearest public green or open space is from their home and how long they think it would take for them to walk there.

The indicator is the percentage of those who responded that they lived within a 5 minute walk of their nearest green or blue space, based on the number responding to the question throughout the year.


Adults are people resident in Scotland aged over 16.

Green and Blue Space is described in the Scottish Household Survey as comprising ‚Äėpublic green or open spaces in your local area, for example a park, countryside, wood, play area, canal path, riverside or beach‚Äô.

Criteria for Change:

  • Any difference in the percentage within +/- 2 percentage points of last year's figure suggests that the position is more likely to be maintaining than showing any change.¬†
  • An increase of 2 percentage points or more suggests the position is improving.
  • A decrease of 2 percentage points or more suggests the position is worsening.¬†

The threshold of 2 percentage points chosen is based on the data currently, and may be reviewed as more data points become available

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