Our communities are shaped by the quality and character of the places we live in and the people we live among. In this Outcome we recognise that to be healthy and happy as a nation we must nurture and protect our local resources, environments and all who live in them.


Our communities are pleasant places to live where everyone has a warm, appropriate, efficient and affordable home. We value excellent and innovative design and are committed to sustainable planning and transport. We believe that access to greenspace, nature and other leisure activities positively enhances our lives and health. We have high quality, affordable and accessible public services and facilities that positively enhance our lives. We focus our investment on deprived communities and disadvantaged rural areas.

We live in friendly, vibrant and cohesive communities which value diversity and support those in need. We are encouraged to volunteer, take responsibility for our community and engage with decisions about it. Our communities are resilient, safe and have low levels of crime.

Our older people are happy and fulfilled and Scotland is seen as the best place in the world to grow older. We are careful to ensure no-one is isolated, lonely or lives in poverty or poor housing. We respect the desire to live independently and provide the necessary support to do so where possible. We recognise that older people have particular needs around financial advice, mobility and transport, home improvements, heating, technology and the internet which require additional support.


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United Nations Sustainable Development Goals