We recognise that a strong, competitive economy is essential to supporting jobs, incomes and our quality of life. We also know that our economy must be environmentally sustainable, inclusive and benefit all our people and communities. Through this Outcome we will create the conditions through which to achieve these commitments alongside economic growth.


We have a strong, dynamic and productive economy which creates wealth and employment across Scotland. Our economy is competitive and we have good international trade, investment and export networks. We are considered an attractive place to do business.

Our economy is inclusive and focused on improving the lives of all our people. We ensure the benefits of economic growth, wealth and opportunities are fairly shared. Access to labour markets and jobs is evenly shared between us. Our sustainable economic growth is not achieved at the expense of our social interests or those of the environment. As such, our economy is ecologically accountable as well as socially responsible. We regard the green economy and our rich ecological capital as a valuable development opportunity and actively progress advancements in these areas.


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United Nations Sustainable Development Goals