Our NHS is pivotal to our health and happiness as a nation and we are dedicated to supporting and equipping it to face the challenges it has now and in future. We also understand that our health is dependent on a wide variety of factors and actors and we therefore need to take a whole system approach to promoting good health and activity.


We regard the health of all our people as being of upmost importance. Consequently, we live long, healthy and active lives regardless of where we come from. We are all able to access world class, appropriate and free/affordable health, social care and dental services. We cherish and protect the NHS as a force for good in our lives and provide the necessary investment and planning to ensure our health and social care systems are viable over the long term.

We prioritise health and wellbeing at national and local government levels and actively implement healthy public policy. We use evidence intelligently to continuously improve and challenge existing healthcare models. Our approach is integrated, preventative and person-centred. We are focused on resolving needs in order to achieve positive health, care and wellbeing outcomes.

We implement a whole system approach to health and wellbeing which targets harmful health behaviours early on and from different angles. We have revolutionised our food culture and prioritise affordable, healthy food and local food production. We have addressed the availability of unhealthy food options and are combatting food and drink industry facilitation of ill-health. We have developed a healthier, responsible attitude to smoking, alcohol and drug use. We are active and have widespread engagement with sport and exercise. Our awareness of mental health and suicide has resulted in more immediate, comprehensive and successful support for those in need.


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United Nations Sustainable Development Goals