This indicator measures the percentage of people who describe the overall care provided by their GP practice as “Excellent” or “Good”.

The indicator is based on the reported experience from a sample of people registered with a GP practice in Scotland, as a proxy for experience across the NHS. This has been chosen because the GP is the first point of contact with the NHS for most people and the vast majority of all NHS contacts are with primary care services.

Source of Data:

The data for this indicator is sourced from the Health and Care Experience Survey. 

This survey has been conducted every 2 years since 2009, and is sent to a random sample of people who are registered with a GP in Scotland.  It asks about people’s experiences of accessing and using their GP practice and other local healthcare services; receiving care, support and help with everyday living; and caring responsibilities.  Results are available at GP practice, GP cluster, Health and Social Care Partnership, NHS Board and Scotland level



Criteria for Change:

This evaluation is based on:

  • any difference within +/- 1 percentage point of the previous survey’s figure suggests that the position is more likely to be maintaining than showing any change.
  • an increase of 1 percentage point or more suggests that the position is improving
  • a decrease of 1 percentage point or more suggests that the position is worsening.

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