Versions of the NPF to view or print (including a Gaelic translation)

NPF downloadable versions

"Illustrating Outcomes"

Read about and download a high resolution version of a creative illustration of the NPF. Or download a template where you can add your own illustration or doodles.

Slide pack

Download a slide pack with some general background information and advice on outcomes working. Use this and adapt it for your own circumstances.

NPF icons

A document containing versions of the National Outcome icons is available to download.

Case studies

The NPF around Scotland

Here are some snapshots of the range of work going on across Scotland that contributes to the NPF:

  • The Scottish Football Association’s Measuring the Value of Football in Scotland report outlines how a more active Scotland contributes to the NPF.
  • The Scottish Futures Trust’s Corporate Plan 2019-2024 aligns its work priorities for a world-class infrastructure for the people of Scotland to the National Outcomes and SDGs.
  • Zero Waste Scotland's latest corporate plan includes some great visuals showing how the organisation contributes to both the National Outcomes and the Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Engage Renfrewshire's 2018/2019 annual report outlines how they contribute to specific National Outcomes.
  • Crown Estate Scotland's draft Corporate Plan 2020-23 demonstrates how their strategic objectives link to the National Outcomes and Sustainable Development Goals. It also outlines how progress on outcomes will add value. 

How the Scottish Government is using the NPF

Case studies from the Third Sector

Evaluation Support Scotland (ESS) have captured case studies from a number of voluntary organisations who have used the National Performance Framework (NPF) in their work.


If you want to share your experience of making progress on the NPF, please get in touch by email or tweet us @ScotGovOutcomes

Outcomes-based policy making process

Supported by Bridge 47, we have developed a guide for policy makers through a collaboration with civil society organisations in Scotland (the IDEAS network, SDG Network Scotland, Scotland’s International Development Alliance and Oxfam Scotland).

This can be used alongside a template created in the development of an Environment Strategy that you can download and adapt.

Evaluation Support Scotland (ESS) works with third sector organisations and funders so that they can measure and report on their impact. The ESS website contains a range of evaluation guides, tools, and case studies on every aspect of evaluation. This includes a number of resources to support setting outcomes and indicators.



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