"The UN Global Goals offer a vision of the world that I believe people in Scotland share.

The national and international dimensions to poverty and inequality are interlinked. Scotland cannot act with credibility overseas, if we are blind to inequality here at home. And our ambitions for a fairer Scotland are undermined, without global action to tackle poverty, promote prosperity and to tackle climate change."

The First Minister committed Scotland to the Global Goals in July 2015.
(First Minister Nicola Sturgeon speaking at NIDOS Conference November 2015)


The United Nations has set a series of Sustainable Development Goals. These are ‘global goals’ and targets that are part of an internationally agreed performance framework. All countries are aiming to achieve these goals by 2030.


Scotland’s approach to the SDGs

The National Performance Framework and the Goals share the same aims. The National Performance Framework is Scotland’s way to localise and implement the SDGs. The NPF has a focus on tackling inequalities so that no one in Scotland is left behind as we work together to achieve the Goals.

Working in partnership

In Scotland, the SDG Network Scotland is an open coalition bringing together the voices of over 300 people and organisations across Scotland to assist with the development of a Scotland-wide response to the challenge set by the SDGs.

The Scottish Government and the Convention of Scottish Local Authorities (COSLA) work closely with the SDG Network Scotland.


Voluntary National Review

The Voluntary National Review (VNR) is a core part of the SDG process, which asks UN Member States to review and report on their progress towards the Goals.

The Scottish Government, COSLA and the SDG Network Scotland have worked together to contribute to the UK Government’s VNR.

A more detailed account of Scotland’s performance, challenges and next steps in relation to the SDGs will be published in a Scottish Supplementary Review. This will be published on this website during July 2019.

For updates on the Supplementary Review, visit the SDG Network Scotland.