The "Measuring progress" page of the National Performance Framework website shows the indicators that make up the National Performance Framework.

Understanding the "Measuring Progress Page"

All of the indicators on this page are set up in a similar way as the example below:


  1. Name of the indicator and link to the Technical Note for that indicator.
  2. This section will provide some narrative around how the indicator is performing, a list of the breakdowns that are reported for that indicator, and a link to the Equality Evidence Finder (where those breakdowns can be viewed).
  3. The performance arrow for this indicator, which will give an assessment of that indicators current performance.
  4. A chart showing the headline data for this indicator.
  5. A table which shows the data from the most recent updates.

Understanding the "Technical Note"

Each indicator has a technical note, which provides additional information about what the indicator measures, where it is sourced from, definitions used by the indicator and how the performance arrow for the indicator is determined.

  1. This section provides a detailed description of what the indicator actually measures
  2. This section provides information on where the data for this indicator is sourced from
  3. This section describes any specific definitions that this indicator uses in its measurement
  4. This section explains the criteria which determines what direction the performance arrow goes.

Please note - the criteria for change that determines the direction of the performance arrow is intended to be used to compare the headline figure between updates to an indicator. It is not intended to provide an indication of performance from within or between breakdowns in an indicator.

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