We're reviewing the National Outcomes


We’ve been developing proposals for changes to the National Outcomes and the wider National Performance Framework - using the evidence gathered throughout the Review. We’ve engaged widely on those proposals, within the Scottish Government and with our Expert Advisory Group.

Now, having considered all the feedback, we’re engaging on a revised set of proposals.

Next, we’ll be seeking Scottish Government Cabinet approval for the revisions, probably in early 2024. That’ll be followed by scrutiny of the revised NPF and review process by the Scottish Parliament.

A revised NPF is likely to be published in Autumn 2024.


Our consultation and call for evidence closed on 12 June. People and organisations from across Scotland told us whether our National Outcomes continue to reflect the kind of Scotland we want to see. We're currently analysing that data.

Week commencing 24 April 2023 saw us at the half way point in this phase of the review. To mark that milestone, we published a blog post which outlines a bit more about the review process.

Read the blog post.

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